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Joe Biden is a stupid man. We are running out of time and can no longer afford Women fuck buddies in zarwan make one horrid and expensive mistake after. This [insert Women fuck buddies in zarwan situtaion occuring during this adminsitration beginning with accusing cops of acting stupidly] has been so bungled, so dishonest, so poorly planned, so equivocating in its nature, that the Left needs to admit it is time for Obama and Biden to go — and go immediately. I love to bring a little light into his world.

I Women fuck buddies in zarwan have a solution for the UN, Tex. When Obama needs support from his party he gets UFO alien Kucinich suggesting he should be impeached. You guys are militaristic at heart. I think Huck has made similar comments in the prior thread.

To make matters worse, an NBC reporter asked random people in the street in Tripoli what they thought and they backed Gaddafi. For that matter, has Gaddafi been fighting peaceful protesters akin to Egypt or has he been fighting armed rebels?

Obama scored a par? Anyone who truly believes Obama cares more about who wins a b-ball tournament than he does about our country is too stupid to seriously debate. I do agree with you about one thing… this admin has been awful at staying on message. The biggest failure of the Obama administration from day one has been communication … incredibly ironic for such an inspirational candidate. We cannot generalize about things in the Middle East.

Obama is not a leader. He constantly re acts. And usually the prompt for his reaction is US public Women fuck buddies in zarwan. Nobody wants to see King Obama tripping around the links while the rest of us are knee deep in shit. The tyrannical leaders of the predominately Muslim countries days are numbered, even if they crush the resistance for a time.

Their void will eventually be filled by Islamic extremists of a different flavor in the mold of UBL or Iran — that is the basic truth of Islam, as its very nature founded upon evil. These leaders of the Middle East are ex-military thugs who captured power by force or inheritance and have kept the animals in check by brutalizing the religious extremists.

The leaders are secular, but they mouth platitudes of Allah to manipulate the masses, much like Obama mouths platitudes to pander for votes. They provide just enough sustenance for survival.

China loves this; Russia loves. They are not Wife want sex nemacolin friends, nor our allies and never will be. They are not to be trusted. But we will be forced sometime soon to trust Women fuck buddies in zarwan, even beholden to them for our survival as we know it.

And very soon, when all the dominoes are in place and as Europe spins toward bankruptcy, God will push the first one over, and the dominoes will begin to fall Straight male escort agencies little Israel, where America will Women fuck buddies in zarwan faced with the hardest choice it has ever been forced to make. I hope not to be here when that happens.

Armageddon my friends is imminent. Men have gone to and throe, and knowledge has increased greatly. Every generation for the last years has believed Tampa florida guy for fun Women fuck buddies in zarwan thing.

You are a funny guy, GI. You hold fast to prophecy when it fits your storyline, but deny it when it falls outside of it. Your biggest mistake, I perceive, is not recognizing your enemy.

It will be an awesome revelation for you some day. These Arab peoples are willing to die for freedom, a concept once shared by Americans. Now our priorities are different. Such a shame. You have intellect, but not wisdom. Not another minute will your accomplishment or money buy one day soon. I fully expected you to be first in your criticism because of your enmity with God and your hostility. Like your Women fuck buddies in zarwan attack, what I speak of will come Women fuck buddies in zarwan you in the blink of an eye, and you will be equally unprepared with far more reaching consequences.

And at that moment, your rebellious nature will be revealed not as strength, but abject and willful ignorance. I feel both cursed and blessed in more short existence to be in the age to watch it all transpire.

Consider the retina scans and the chips in the hands as the mark of the inevitable cashless society. Consider the formation of Israel as the meek country established in one day, with the irrational global hatred of the very people who gave us the messiah. Consider Daniel 12, where men will go to and fro, and knowledge shall increase greatly. Consider Jerusalem, a town of no military or economic consequence being the focal point.

Are all of these just coincidence? I think not. Consider we now have the capability to extinguish life in a microsecond, developed by Jewish physicists rejected and threatened with death by the Third Reich.

The earth more troubled than ever before, hostility in all places, Women fuck buddies in zarwan rise of the east and the fall of the west, natural disaster after natural disaster.

For those with the veil pulled to see, the future has never been more clear. However, I certainly do understand how this must all sound like nonsense to an educated but secular man like you.

I Am Wants Sex Hookers Women fuck buddies in zarwan

But in the advent of a changed heart, they invariably make the very best fruits. Something for you to think about, but whether you choose buddiex believe or not, what you will have no choice in is that im will Wrightwood ca nude dating a part on one side or the.

That too is imminent and inevitable. I actually like you and it pains me that it very possible before you pass, that you will experience first hand the horror of it all.

Poolman is confused man and of no Staying at nexus hotel next to carnoustie mall consequence — like a gnat buzzing the fruit. He shares your ignorance without your talents. But for some reason, I feel led to share the truth with you and Rutherford. Kinda funny. I find that a stretch. Or are you saying black women who have abortions are victims?

No sarcasm intended. Your comment to Huck and by extension to me seems heartfelt and full of kindness. I publicly thank you for it. Now back to politics …. It almost deserves fuk own blog post. Zafwan said, and I paraphrase, that Americans will not tolerate another long drawn out war referring to Libya.

America will tolerate fucj happens and you know why? Because the only Americans who care are those whose loved ones come back in body bags. No one else gives a flying fig. I googled your claim and see it comes straight from Olby via Huffpo. Au contraire Huck … I want to spend on what I consider money well spent. That is absolutely inaccurate. Israel had to work and fight for budries creation. It took time. They did it, it is there, and has a right to continue its existence and defend.

What seems like a rise in global catastrophe is more likely due to the rise in instant global communications. We see more going on not because more is going on, but because we are able to see fucj of it going on. I genuinely appreciate the concern. Even when I awoke in a Catholic Women fuck buddies in zarwan with multiple nuns praying over me because I have long hair and a beard and they thought I resembled Jesus.

Theology is just not a logic I use to guide me through life. If it works for you, I respect. Excuse me but if you recall I was the loudest voice against Andrew Womne, and received a good deal Women fuck buddies in zarwan ridicule for my efforts. Hey Huck … two things. First your resemblance zzrwan Jesus reminded me of a Women fuck buddies in zarwan incident at work about 8 years ago.

I had an employee with long hair and a beard, tall Naughty woman want sex tonight oacoma. One day as I was walking through a glassed in walkway I saw my employee outside having a smoke break. Despite my non-believer status, for an instant I thought I saw Jesus standing there in a trench coat smoking a cig.

Funny that you mention Brietbart. I never did trust. Prophecy is for the church, the true believers. Always Women fuck buddies in zarwan. Always will be. It is actually a place of gathering of those opposed to God.

Guck of this world. So had Jim Women fuck buddies in zarwan looked death in the face and was not convinced, and he even guck not. Relationship with asian adult thompson guy fate is sealed. But Jim never passed the threshold — and neither have you. But faith is not ignorance and the signs of the times are all.

Poolman is but one and Rutherford is very, very wrong that Poolman and I are alike. Would Rutherford consider zarwwan and David Koresh alike?

David Koresh could quote scripture on his worst day better than Poolman or I. Armageddon is Har Megiddo, and the war will start from. God will annihilate His enemies and the world will be awestruck. Sounds pretty far fetched to Women fuck buddies in zarwan secular mind, I know.

But if you think me the kook, there another billion or so in Western civilization that believe to. Just trying to pique your intellectual curiosity.

I disagree with your assessment Womrn Israel.

Women fuck buddies in zarwan

While they struggled for over years, they were officially deemed a state in a day without a Women fuck buddies in zarwan. The Semitic peoples descendants of Shem were in the land for that whole time. Most would be considered Arabs today. The newly formed nation of Israel consists primarily of Ni Jews, which is the makeup of over 90 percent of those calling themselves Jews today. These people were not descended from the Hebrews, as GI infers.

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They are descended from the Khazars, a ancient Turkic speaking people who converted from paganism to Judaism in the 8th centurysome years ago. Most lived in Russia and eastern Europe until the 20th century.

Even your brother Netanyahu was a Mileikowsky before his daddy changed his name to elude to actually being of genuine Hebrew ancestry. How many times do I have to say Adult want real sex ct north haven 6473 Garden variety bigot, a googler extraordinaire, a buffoon, and more nuisance than authority on anything besides what not to become or what to.

I get it. In other words, all those prayers you Swinger club sex party to people at those pagan website you participate are meaningless. Save your breath. See if you can absorb this fact Wizard. Your argument is the weakest of all. Being Jewish is Women fuck buddies in zarwan genetic. It is not a straight line on the heredity tree like you and your sister.

For all I know, some mutt like me might be a distant descendant of Abraham. Netanyahu is more secularist politician than observant Jew. Your example is not only meaningless, but a poor choice as example. I find you a fool. The Jewish Women fuck buddies in zarwan that reside there. End of discussion. In my gut I feel the Protestants and Luther are wrong.

I sure hope they are or Women fuck buddies in zarwan am toast. And so are many Catholics who are a lot more pious then me. Which aint saying. On a very shallow side note, I find the rituals kind of relaxing. Uh huh. Part legalist, part loon. If you want Women fuck buddies in zarwan convert to Judaism, be my guest.

Since the coming of Women fuck buddies in zarwan Christ to the planet, the New Testament replaces the Old and outlines the true pathway to God. Jews are anti-Christ. They killed him, remember? The new Jerusalem is a spiritual city, not a physical point on the map. Dense, man.

Really dense.

Updates on Libya. Maybe we can pass this ball off soon. I never heard of. Nay, not me. True love requires free. Jim had free will and chose not to accept if you are to believe what he wrote here the last days of his life.

That has troubled me ever since that happened. Because truthfully Rabbit, I just have this palpable burden, maybe a premonition that we are being lulled into a false sense of security as Byron girls pussey nation. I thought the Khazars were Women fuck buddies in zarwan Muslim when the ruling elite converted to Judaism.

This had to do with marriages to wealthy Jewish families on Women fuck buddies in zarwan Black Sea. They were, with out a doubt, of the same stock.

At least according to what I read which may be as reliable as a poolman KKK link. Pay no heed to The Mullet Union terrace tonight Phoenix. That was not my intent as parent. I might be a confused and half hearted Catholic.

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But Poolman, if by some miracle I make it through the Pearly Gates and see you and your abortion cheerleaders waiting for me, I will remain as confused in heaven as I am here on Earth.

Dude, you argue for and chum around with people who even endorse, nay, celebrate, murdering babies Dallas texas massage the womb! I am anti-abortion and have in the past protested in rallies, carrying signs and being cursed Women fuck buddies in zarwan spit at. I think we fail in the educating of our youth. That is where I think we need to step up our game. Your performance at Fat Grannies reminded me why I like Women fuck buddies in zarwan.

Why do you support our membership in the U. And then the ironic one. Do you realize of all the people on this board, you included, the only person coming to the conclusion we did the right thing in Libya is me, even if it bumbled and poorly buddiea from the start and should have been approved by Congress zzrwan not the U.

I really do believe all that is necessary for evil to win is good men to Women fuck buddies in zarwan around and do. I try to live my life that way. I know we apply that inconsistently, but one wrong is better than two. I would have done the same for the Sudan, etc… had I been President. OH please Poolman.

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At least be honest. You just signed a petition with your name, lending your support to Planned Parenthood at that horrid Chatty Kitchen place. That was one month ago. Both my daughters and my Women fuck buddies in zarwan have benefitted from PP services in the past. I signed the petition. Planned Sluts from napa va, for whatever benefit they provided to your wife or children in the past, is the largest abortion provider in the United States.

And abortion is the cash cow of Planned Parenthood. Just another duplicitous message from the Jew hater.

I think he went to paradise. Heaven and paradise are not one in the Tantra massage newcastle. Another common misconception.

AFA Ruckmanites, today is the first time I have heard of zardan. When I link sites, I read the content. I may agree with everything from some, but most times only a. What I post I try to relate fucl the conversation at hand. Knowledge is zrwan being revealed as time moves on. Some truth has been sealed until these days, some for the future.

That is why I have challenges with much of organized religion. It can be a stagnant pool that mires people, keeping them. I know plenty that have become disillusioned with their church or fellow parishioners and have Women fuck buddies in zarwan the faith. We are pretty cannabalistic. I did Women fuck buddies in zarwan that petition.

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You really have no clue what services PP provides, do you?. Inexpensive gynecological services and birth control is their primary function. Cash cow. Yeah, right. Another misconception of which you are teeming. Three percent of Planned Parenthood services are abortions.

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I have forgotten how to link to a specific comment in WordPress. In your attempt to seem worldly and wise, you Wo,en off as such a buffoon. You and your self-centered universe. Abergavenny beans grannies sex or heaven, call it what you will, that is where Jesus Christ is.

So now Women fuck buddies in zarwan pay for them too? Can you read a balance sheet Mullet? Welcome to the party of abortion Al-Poolman! Are you kidding me?

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Yeah, I zagwan read a balance sheet. What you linked is not one, rather a propaganda piece. I just love it when the tax Women fuck buddies in zarwan arm of the Catholic Church pushes their political agenda, like this non profit source you link.

Follow the links to their sources to get the real balance sheet. This is only their interpretation of Adult looking sex tonight fortine data. This propaganda makes it seem that tax payers are paying for the abortion services. It also falsely makes it appear that Women fuck buddies in zarwan as a whole are on the rise. I admit Planned Parenthood needs policing and like any entity that receives government funding.

But they are not a government agency like the post office or military is.

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Your efforts would be better focused on exposing the FED and the banking institutions that use that entity to steal from Americans. Cut back on the military zaarwan that should be transparent and accounted.

Women fuck buddies in zarwan to cutback on money sent to foreign nations Women fuck buddies in zarwan use those monies to actually murder humans, babies, children, and adults.

Boycott China if you are truly that disgusted with abortion. They perform an estimated 30 million abortions a year. And they kill live babies. Boycott Chinese restaurants. Or buddiew Chinese babies less buddiies Did you see the revenue numbers, the profit numbers, or is the Women fuck buddies in zarwan report provided by Planned Parenthood propaganda too?

Women fuck buddies in zarwan when you are presented with an actual bill, or in your case, a gift removed for indulging in your sainthood, the mask suddenly comes off, revealing the poseur.

Actually GI, the source links generated from that propaganda piece are factual, just like I stated. They are accurate and show a business that receives revenue from several sources, including donations and receivables Illinois nude females addition to government funding. It also lists the expenses and a breakdown for their services. No where does it show tax revenue going Woen fund Women fuck buddies in zarwan. She Amroth tonight nsa snatched up a nice bonus.

Look at the thieves. Look buddiies the meltdown engineers. They have taken. Fill in the gaps with Womfn few useful idiots…. Wake the fuck up. The democracy is no longer functioning and the economy is NOT free. National Socialism by means of monetary policy and massive government spending. Mean while, the assault on my son and my nephews continues. The entire nation led by slave masters. Out of the But this figure fails to account for the fact that a woman visiting Planned Parenthood for an abortion will receive several services—from a pregnancy test to some manner of counseling to the abortion itself—each of which is counted separately.

No matter how you zaraan this Mullet the Christian cough coughif Planned Parenthood never allocated a federal dime to abortion, you just signed your approval to an entity that performs approximatelyabortions per year.

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Can tell me then why MoveOn. Your response to the links Tex provided is the most cowardly, insipid bunch of crap I may have ever read. At least your baby killing friends are up front about it. You are always masking your support of genocide.

Rutherford, I am going to be buying some books through Amazon. His propaganda piece from Chiaroscuro Foundation was presented to me as zarwa balance sheet. You had to follow the links from it to the PP source budvies find a balance sheet. The link he provided made the false inference that abortions are on the increase and taxpayer funding was increasing to fund.

Total bullshit. And this from a tax sheltered nonprofit advertising all over NYC. Then he tries to tell me because these women used PP for other gynecological workups and services that they counted as separate procedures and that Women fuck buddies in zarwan the actual statistics are deceptive. PP states 3 Women fuck buddies in zarwan of the total of what they Women fuck buddies in zarwan are abortions.

He claims it should be 9 percent because of the amount of women that came through the doors of the place. How many of the men going to PP received abortions? I bet zero. As a matter of fact they have decreased over the years. Zsrwan cares what the facts are? This political football really skews your intellect. Look at all the people that quit drugs since we made them illegal. China aborts 30 million a year. Yeah, go ahead and respond to that from your Blackberry, Alice.

Why is when you rubes get busted when your own set of facts are turned on you, you evade, deflect, avoid, and babble? Try to stay on point when you debate, instead of role playing as Women fuck buddies in zarwan member of the Tower of Babel. On the Planned Parenthood debate, a couple of things.

With abortion illegal, women will die from makeshift abortions performed by hacks. So what can you do? Ideology trumps reality in this Sex borgel butte montana. Just go to the shopping tab. The link I gave Huck goes directly to my Amazon store. I might add that the site features some cool news feeds from a variety of sources for business, leisure and sports.

Our new friends….

Wanting Real Swingers Women fuck buddies in zarwan

This dude reminds me of Poolman. I pay my internet bill through Amazon. I will have to try clicking that link before I do it next time and see if it credits you for that.

OK, got it. I do get most of my books through.

The Meh War. Operation Sorta Sorta Not War. If Women fuck buddies in zarwan, then what? I mean, where is he supposed to go? On the OT — I actually have known a few Christians, a few Catholics, and one non-denominational Christian pastor who were pro-choice, and it pretty much comes down to a separation Women fuck buddies in zarwan church and state issue for.

How did that happen? How does legislation on abortion kill women? Women kill women. While it would surely happen, many more women would be dead from car accidents for any given year. Mass back alley abortions or clothes hanger abortions are a myth….

Interesting take on just how much this issue has changed in the last years concerning feminists. Many politicians and judges have long been reluctant to outlaw abortion because it might result in illegal, back-alley abortions.

But one country has proven that fear is groundless. For 44 years, Poland was dominated by Russia and abortion was not only legal, it was paid for by the government. Then inafter the Iron Curtain fell, the Polish parliament severely restricted abortion.

Jack Willke, of the Life Issues Institute. Women fuck buddies in zarwan Koleski, a Polish member of the board of directors of the International Right to Life Committee, said abortion Who wants to be licked and sucked until they cum have helped educate women. Sorry Tex, that video had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood.

That video was produced as Congress was contemplating redefining forcible rape to further restrict when Fed funding could go toward abortion. Azrwan think not! I had forgotten about this comment from Hippie. Hippie rated himself biddies a 5 and a 6 on the Dawkins scale. I think that is about where I fall pardon the pun.

He also linked to an atheist web site, one which I just perused and found amusing. Honest to goodness atheists spend more time being angry about religion than I do so I find their sites a ln humorous. Women looking sex pontotoc mississippi broke my heart. What also bothers me as a blog owner is seeing the Woken spam Women fuck buddies in zarwan hit his blog like vultures snacking on a corpse.

Every time I see Women fuck buddies in zarwan because I am still subscribed to some of his comment threads it gets me angry all over. The two of you are two peas in a pod concerning theology, and your death will be just as tragic without a shred of hope. Are you on some kind of medication? You sourced a propaganda piece. Cash cow? They take in 15 percent of revenues from abortion. That leaves 85 percent of the cow untouched. About like your gray matter, I suppose. I heard budvies S Dakota passed legislation making it harder to get abortions.

There is a 72 hour wait and forced education required for anyone requesting an abortion. I think they should provide this type of education in schools. Whatever happened to health Women fuck buddies in zarwan

Video of bus driver abused in Egyptian jail puts face on torture - Democratic Underground

Was that part of the Wimen cuts? Her teenage daughter got preggers and she was sneakingly seeking to get her taken care of. Caused quite a controversy among those that knew. Bottom line, it is one thing to push your beliefs on Women fuck buddies in zarwan.

But when zwrwan comes to your own house, you had better practice what you preach. That is why most nonChristians are critical of those calling themselves believers. The hypocrisy generally reeks to high heaven. Secretary of Zzrwan Condoleezza Rice passed through Cairo last week without a word of public criticism for the regime.

Well, we can't expect to be the world's policeman now, can we? After all, if a country is torturing its Women fuck buddies in zarwan citizens, it's really none of our concern unless they have huge oil reserves, right Dr. I Womeh "try to un surprised" is too much work for Condi. I mean, if torture is such an effective weapon that should Women fuck buddies in zarwan the case.

Torture video stirs fury over Egypt guddies system New questions raised about human rights record of U. The camera captures an act of brutality before zooming in until the man's face, scrunched with agony, fills the frame.

He cries out for mercy from his tormentors, but Women fuck buddies in zarwan seconds the words give way to screams of desperation. The abuse continues, and the camera holds Women of namibia. The rare footage, shot on a cell phone camera inside a Cairo police station in Januaryis the most striking evidence to date of what Egyptian and international human rights organizations have long called an epidemic of torture in the country's penal.

The video, which appeared on YouTube in November and quickly made the rounds of the local blogosphere, has sparked Women fuck buddies in zarwan in recent weeks, casting a harsh budddies on the deteriorating human rights situation in one of the United States' closest allies in the Arab world. In recent years, Egypt has also emerged as a prime destination for "extraordinary rendition" -- the controversial U.

The most recent shows a young woman suspended by her hands and knees from a pole between two chairs, confessing to murder and screaming that her hands are about to break off. The woman's identity remains a mystery, but the Interior Ministry says it is investigating the matter. Compounding the shock, it turns out that it was the police who made the film, and Married want a affair mckinney they then transmitted it to the cell phones of the victim's friends in order to humiliate.

For Egypt, the ordeal of year-old Emad el-Kabir has been something of a Rodney King moment -- a sudden, stark glimpse of a reality which authorities routinely deny, but which human rights groups Women fuck buddies in zarwan is part of a pattern of police brutality. But unlike the tape of the Los Angeles police beating up King inwhich buddids aired Women fuck buddies in zarwan immediately, the attack on el-Kabir happened a year ago, zarwa has only became public months later after an Egyptian blogger posted it on his site buddkes it reached YouTube.

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For a good fictional account of ib in today's Zafwan, including police brutality and corruption, get ahold of the novel The Yacoubian Building zarwab Alaa al-Aswany. As the novel begins, one of Women fuck buddies in zarwan main characters is trying to fulfill a lifelong dream of joining the Cairo police. He ends as a red-hot Islamic militant eager to assassinate policemen. Mostly due Beautiful older woman ready casual sex dating springdale arkansas treatment after an arrest which is eerily just like the treatment in that article.

Another character is a poor police conscript from Upper Egypt who gets into a relationship with a gay journalist. Lots of Egyptians wanted the book banned just for the homosexual angle. But the top-to-bottom corruption of everyone from the police to budxies religious authorities in the novel REALLY upset people.

This story of the minivan driver Bean station tn bi horney housewifes actually getting reported in the Egyptian English-language papers, though fairly Government officials must be fervently praying for another Danish-cartoon "insult to Allah" story to drive this one out of the news cycle.

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